1. blueberries88:

    My first drawing of Watson ^_^, using MyPaint with a Tablet I borrowed from my sister.

  3. soft colouring <3


  4. so me

    1. Im UR Teddy: oh yeah but just so I can tell - what's up?
    2. Sirita: not much, haha
    3. Im UR Teddy: like parent appropiate stories or w/e
    4. Sirita: lol - It's not like I'm doing crack cocaine over here
    5. Im UR Teddy: LOL
    6. Im UR Teddy: I bet you are
    7. Im UR Teddy: so you
  6. I REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY like how this turned out OuO

  8. spring is finally coming! \o/


  9. knucklepuckle said: prices for avi art?? :3

    ooooh, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. mostly because I don’t know what I want to offer xD But I am planning to set up an art shop again at some point this summer~ Thanks for asking! :D

  10. Colouring this way is the fastest, but a bit messy :3